What Made Jesus Angry?

      Misplaced priorities.
      Misunderstood purpose.
       Mistaken spirit.
       Those were things that upset Jesus. What about you? What upsets you? Is there something that really makes your blood boil? Most of us have at least one thing if not several things that fall into that category.
      The Bible says that even Jesus got angry. The primary example of Jesus’ anger was when He cleansed the temple. The Bible says that Jesus saw the carnival-like atmosphere in the temple and began turning over the tables of the money-changers. Jesus said, “My Temple will be called a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a den of thieves” (Matt. 21:12-13).
      There are two other times when Jesus at least corrected someone sternly.. One was when He rebuked Peter and told him to “get thee behind me, Satan…” (Matt. 16:23)  and another was when the disciples were trying to prevent mothers from bringing their children to Jesus (Mark 10:14).
Peter had told Jesus He shouldn’t go to Jerusalem to be crucified and die. Jesus responded by saying, “Get thee behind me Satan!” At that time, what Peter was suggesting would have kept Jesus from following God’s will.
      On another occasion, some mothers were bringing their children to Jesus. The disciples thought Jesus was much too busy to be fooling with some children. So,. they tried to discourage the women from bringing the kids to Jesus.
      So, Jesus got angry when the temple was being used as a market instead of place of worship…
He rebuked Peter when Peter suggested Jesus not do God’s will in His life…
      He rebuked the disciples for trying to prevent the children from coming to Him. He told the disciples if anyone was going to enter the kingdom of God, they must come with the spirit of a child.
      Misplaced priorities…The purpose of the temple was to be a place to glorify God. It had become a carnival.
Misinderstood purpose…The priority of Jesus life had been doing God’s will by going to the cross… Peter was suggesting otherwise.
       Mistaken spirit…The spirit of the children was one of humility. The disciples thought Jesus was too busy for these children. Jesus said people must enter the kingdom of God with the spirit of these children.
       What about in our lives? What would the Lord rebuke us for?
Are our priorities straight or, are there some things that have become too important to us?
         What about our spirit? Is it one of faith and humility?
Let’s evaluate our lives. Is there anything there that Jesus would rebuke?

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