Don’t Spend Another Night With The Frogs

Do you procrastinate? Do you put off until tomorrow things you should do today? We’ve all done that at times. And we especially do it, if it’s something that we almost dread doing.
In the book of Exodus, God is using a series of plagues to convince Pharoah that He alone is God. One of those plagues, is a plague of frogs. Frogs covered the land! Try to imagine… frogs everywhere!
In one house, a lady gets up and begins preparing a meal for her family and frogs are all over her house! She screams… She tells her husband to please do something to get rid of the frogs! And the same thing is happening throughout the land… frogs everywhere!
So, Moses goes to see Pharoah. Pharoah asks Moses to plead with the Lord to take away the frogs! Moses says, “Ok, you set the time. Tell me when you want the frogs gone.”
Pharoah replies, “Tomorrow.”
Can you imagine that? It was within Pharoah’s power to have the frogs gone today but he chose tomorrow.
We do the same.. We put off until tomorrow… or next week or next month or next year, things we should do today. We procrastinate.
Today, what are you procrastinating about? What are you putting off?
Is there someone you need to talk to and you are putting off? It’s not going to get any easier friend. Is there some habit you have and it needs to stop and you plan to stop it… tomorrow!
Do you need to ask Jesus into your heart to be saved? You’ve thought about it and thought about it, but you just haven’t done it. What are you waiting for? Do it today!
Don’t procrastinate. Don’t put something off until tomorrow, something that needs to be done now.
Don’t spend another night with the frogs.

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