“Who Is The Lord And Why Should I Listen To Him?”

“Who is the Lord and why should I listen to him?”
That’s what Pharoah asked Moses thousands of years ago. Moses told Pharoah that the Lord said he should let the people of Israel go. Instead of granting the request, Pharoah asked, “Who is the Lord and why should I listen to Him?”
Pharoah spoke for a lot of people. That question is still being asked today. Lots of people are atheists. An atheist doesn’t believe that God exists. Others are skeptics… they believe there may be a divine power but they aren’t sure.
So, if someone were to ask us, “Who is the Lord and why should I listen to Him?” how should we respond?
The “Lord” is Jehovah God, maker of heaven and earth.
But, that doesn’t satisfy the atheist. The atheist wants proof that God exists. So, I turn to the Bible. The Bible says, “In the beginning God…” That satisfies me but, an unbeliever doesn’t believe the Bible. To them, it’s just another book that’s full of things they don’t believe happen.
Ok, so, look at creation. To me and to thousands of Christians, we look at God’s beautiful creation and it proves the existence of God. But that doesn’t mean anything to an atheist.
Still, the question remains, “Who is this Lord? And why should I serve Him?”
I can’t give anyone a formula that proves that God exists. I can tell someone what God has done for me. I can tell someone that there are things in the Bible that I don’t understand. There are questions I have about God that I don’t have answers for. But, there are many more things about God that I know and there are many more verses in the Bible that speak of God’s existence. I’m not going to major on what I don’t know and ignore what I do know.
But, do you know the most important thing we can do to prove that God exists? Live for Him. That’s it. Live for God.
If we live for God and an unbeliever can see the difference in our lives, that will go farther in demonstrating that God exists than anything we can say. And, we must live our faith. That means being kind to others. It means loving others just like Jesus did. Hatred isn’t attractive but love is.
“Who is the Lord and why should I believe in Him?”
That’s a question that thousands of people are still asking. The best proof we have that God exists, is our lives that have been changed by God and our sharing the love of God.

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