God Uses Moses – Can Use Anyone

It amazes me.
I mean… astounds me!
What am I talking about?
He killed a man… killed an Egyptian…
He flees to the desert. But God meets him there… in the midst of a bush.
God tells Moses, “I want you to go to Pharoah and tell him to let my people go.” Moses says, “Yeah, right; Lord! You have GOT to be kidding!”
But God wasn’t. And, we know the rest of the story… He does go to Pharoah and leads Israel out of Egypt.
But Moses had killed a man.
And, to top it all off, Moses would go down in Israelite history as the great law-giver!
But what does all that mean today? It means that God can use anyone.. and I mean ANYONE, to do His work. Doesn’t matter if we have a checkered past. Doesn’t matter if we have made mistakes. God will use us.
Maybe God has been speaking to your heart about teaching or witnessing or singing or serving in some other way. But, you have told God that you only have your GED or, you didn’t go to college or, you have a business that went bankrupt or, you’ve gone through a divorce… You name the reason… But God says “I still want you.”
Now the flip side of this story is that, the modern church has gotten a little too sanctimonious in who it uses. Many people who God used in the Bible couldn’t be used in the modern church. Moses would most definitely be one of them.
We need to back up today and realize that God can use anyone… their past doesn’t matter… God can use anyone. You pick out a person in your community that has made lots of mistakes and yes…. God can use them.
And if God can use them, why can’t we forgive them? We should. But if we often don’t. So, God used Moses. God used David. God used Noah… God can use you if you will let Him.

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