We Need To Forgive… “We Are Not In God’s Place”

Has someone ever mistreated you or said something about you or your family? When that happens, we want to retaliate! We want to get even!
In Genesis 50, Jacob has died. After this, Joseph’s brothers think Joseph is about to get even with them. Instead, Joseph said, “Do not be afraid, for am I in God’s place” (50:19)?
Think about that verse… “Do not be afraid… for am I in God’s place?” In other words, Joseph is saying, “I’m not responsible for judging you.. God will do that… I will leave that to God.”
Joseph was exactly right but, we still have a tendency to judge others. If someone wrongs us, we want to get even… now! Instead, we should leave that to God.
Fast forward with me… when Jesus hung on the cross, one of his sayings from the cross was, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34).
But let’s be honest; this is not easy to do. We all want to get even. It is difficult to leave it to God.
It may be that someone hurt you recently or maybe even years ago and you are still carrying a grudge. What good is it doing? You are the one that is miserable. Turn it loose.          Remember Joseph’s words, “Am I in God’s place?”
You may ask, “Ok, how do i do this?” Whatever has happened to you is not any greater than what we did to put Jesus on the cross.
But why do we want to hang onto something? Years ago, I read that when someone refuses to forgive someone, in their mind, they are not letting the person who offended them off the hook. The problem with that is, the person who offended you may not realize there is a hook.
So, by God’s grace forgive and move forward.
Joseph said, “Do not be afraid… for am I in God’s place?”
We aren’t in God’s place so, let God do the judging.

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