God Can Bring Good Out Of Bad

God can take bad things and work them out for good. I’m not going to tell you I understand how that happens but I know it does. Let me explain.
In the book of Genesis, the Bible tells us that Joseph was sold by his brothers and he ended up being purchased by Potiphar, the captain of Pharoah’s guard.
Because the Lord was with Joseph, in time, Joseph was noticed by Pharoah and he was put in charge of Pharoah’s home. But Pharoah’s wife made an advance on him but she blamed Joseph. As a result, Joseph was thrown into prison.
In time, Pharoah had dreams he couldn’t interpret. He was told that Joseph could interpret dreams so, he sent for Joseph. Pharoah told Joseph his dreams, Joseph did intrepret them and Pharoah put Joseph in charge of preparing Egypt for the famine that was to come.
In time, Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt to get grain. Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and they are stunned! Then Joseph tells them not to be upset about selling him into slavery. Because, Joseph believed, God used that to get him to Egypt to help prepare for the famine.
Now stop and think about that story. Joseph is sold by his own brothers…into slavery. Yes, it does end up working out for him but still… Joseph as sold by his brothers. Yet, Joseph is able to see the bigger picture and he says, “Guys… it’s ok… it worked out better for everyone because I made it to Egypt.”
That happens at times in life. It may be that you wanted a certain job.. it didn’t happen and you were down… but a better job came along.
Maybe something else happened that at the time, seemed bad but it turned out good.
I believe that God guides our lives. And, even when bad things happen, God can bring good out of it.
There is an old saying, “Life turns out the best, for those who make the best of how life turns out.”
Maybe something has happened that has disappointed you. God can bring good out of bad. The apostle Paul said, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).
If something hasn’t worked out just like you thought it would, don’t get down. God can bring good out of bad.

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