Jesus Can Use Us Regardless Of Our Past

      Do you think you have WAYYY too much baggage to serve the Lord? Are there some mistakes in your past that you think prevent you from Jesus using you? Well, you are wrong. Our past doesn’t matter.. it’s our future that counts.
      In Matthew 10, there is a list of the men Jesus called as His disciples. Let’s look at the list. It is;
      Simon (also called Peter),
      then Andrew (Peter’s brother),
      James (son of Zebedee),
       John (James’s brother),
       Matthew (the tax collector),
        James (son of Alphaeus),
        Simon (the zealot,
        Judas Iscariot (who later betrayed him).
        As we scan that list, first we see Peter. Peter was a leader in the church. Great man, right? He was. But, do you remember that Peter is the man who denied knowing the Lord? Yes, the same Peter who preached the first Christian sermon in history in Acts 2. Peter DENIED knowing the Lord. Yet, God used him.
      Look at James and John. They wanted power. They asked Jesus if they could sit on His right and left when He came in glory. Jesus told them He couldn’t grant this. So, James and John wanted power and prestige. Their motives were not good.
       What about Matthew? The gospel of Matthew was written by Matthew. But Matthew was a tax collector… a crook. But he was one of the first that Jesus called. Jesus took a man who was a crook and used Him in His kingdom.
       And.. the last one.. everyone is familiar with Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus.
      So, one of the disciples denied Jesus; two of them wanted power; one was a crook and another denied Him. Yet, these men are the disciples of Jesus. They serve as a reminder to us that whatever our flaws are… whatever our mistakes are… Jesus can use us.
      Have you felt like God is calling you to some type of service but you think there is no way Jesus could use you? You are wrong. Jesus will forgive our sins, clean up our past and use us for His glory.
      I love these lyrics from an old song;
      “I’m just a nobody, trying to tell anybody about somebody who died for everybody.”
       We are all nobodies. Let Jesus you to tell everybody about His love.

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