Don’t Hang On To The Wells Of The Past And Neglect The New Wells

      “The Good Ole Days.”
      We can have a fascination with them, can’t we? Churches have a tendency to talk about things “they used to do.” Or, “I remember when we did this.” Or, the seven famous last words of the church… “We’ve never done it that way before.”
      There is nothing wrong with remembering the past… even learning from the past… but there is something wrong with becoming fixated on the past.
      In Genesis 28:17-25, Isaac moved to the Gerar valley where he set up tents. Then, he reopened some wells his father had dug which had been filled in by the Philistines.
      So, his servants opened one well but some shepherds from Gerar came along and claimed it. So, Isaac’s servants dug another well, but someone claimed it too. So, later, Isaac’s servants came to him and told him they had dug a new well and they named it “Beersheba.”
      Now think about that story. Isaac’s servants were focused on old wells and others claimed them. But they received their greatest joy, when they dug new wells.       There is a great truth there for us.
Like Isaac’s servants, if we aren’t careful, we can focus on re-digging OLD wells when we need to dig new wells. The church is notorious for this. Maybe there is something we have done for years… but the program is not as effective as it once was. Doesn’t matter… someone in the church feels strongly about it and wouldn’t think about changing it. They are focusing on old wells.
      Maybe you are focusing on old wells. You are dwelling on the past. Clinging to the past.. when you need to be digging some new wells. Maybe someone has dug some new wells but you won’t accept it because you are focused on the old wells.
      In the last year that I’ve been out of the church, I’ve seen church from a different perspective. Folks, the world has changed. We can argue about it… or fight it.. or talk about how bad it is… or try to figure out who to blame it on… but none of that matters It’s still changed. Maybe we are focusing on the old wells when we need to dig some new ones.
      Maybe in your personal life, you are hanging on to the past. Maybe someone mistreated you or hurt you in some way and you can’t forget about it and move on. I’m sure it hurt you but, if you don’t forget it and move forward, it’s going to keep you from moving forward.
      There is a quote from Shakespeare’s play, “The Tempest”  that is, “The past is prologue.” It means that everything that has happened before now is a prologue… an introduction… to what is about to happen. The phrase is engraved on a stone outside the National Archives building in Washington, D.C. Don’t hang on to the wells of the past and neglect the new wells of the future.

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