Jesus Will Help Us With Our Demons… If We Ask

Pop musician “Pink,” has a song entitled “Less Than Perfect.” In the song she talks about someone who is dealing with issues and can feel like they are a failure in life. Then there is one line where she says “…chased down all my demons..”
Pink is speaking for many of us. Many of us have demons we are chasing.
We may say of someone, “He/She is battling some demons.”
When someone says that, they are referring to a person who is battling some issues.       Many times, it’s alcohol or drug addiction. Or, maybe they have been sexually or physically abused. Or, maybe they struggle with depression or other things. Demons come in many different forms.
In Matthew 8:28-34, two men who were demon-possessed approached Jesus. The demons began screaming and shouting and they asked Jesus, if He was going to cast them out, to send them into a herd of pigs that was nearby. So, Jesus cast them out into the herd of pigs. So, get the picture; two men who had been demon-possessed, are now, demon-free.
Many people are battling some kind of demon but, we don’t have to. Just as Jesus cast the demons out of these men, He can and will do the same for us. Now, that doesn’t mean we may not deal with the demons again. There are people who battle demons the rest of their lives. Maybe that’s you.
I will be candid here….I battle the demon of depression. It’s an ongoing battle for me. If you have some demons you are struggling with, don’t beat yourself up. It is what it is. But give it to the Lord and ask for His help.
Jesus cast the demons out of the men in Matthew 8 and He will do the same for us… if we ask.

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