“I A Willing,” Jesus says, “Be Healed.”

Are you willing?
That’s what a man with leprosy asked Jesus. “If you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean” (Matt. 8:1-2).
“If you are willing…”
Why did he say that? “If you are willing… you can heal me..”
He said that because leprosy was a dreaded disease that no one would get involved with.       A lepor was considered unclean. So no one wanted to get involved in this lepor’s life.        Not only did he have an illness, he also dealt with lonliness.
But the lepor has heard of Jesus. Maybe he’s heard him teach. He thinks that maybe, just maybe, this man not only can heal him but will. Maybe this man is willing to get involved in his life.
Hearing the man’s request, Jesus said, “I am willing, be healed!”
Someone reading this may be in a position similar to the leper… you have a problem.. maybe its a financial problem… maybe alcohol addiction… maybe drug addiction… maybe depression… maybe physical or sexual abuse… you think NO ONE cares… but Jesus does. And Jesus is willing to get involved.
Jesus looked at the leper and said, “I am willing… be healed.”
If you will give your life to Jesus, He will help you. I didn’t say it would be instantaneous. It may require counseling… maybe a alcohol or drug rehab place… but Jesus is willing to help you.
Christian… what about us? Some times, we aren’t willing to get involved because a person’s life is messy. So, we stay away. We don’t get involved. When Jesus wants us to. Jesus wants us to be His hands helping someone… His arms loving someone.
To everyone reading this post… Jesus says, “Give me your problem… give me your addiction… give me your depression… give me your abuse… give me your scars… your lonliness… I am wiling.. be healed.”

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