Don’t Sell Your Soul To The Devil

“Don’t sell your soul to the devil.”
You are probably familiar with that expression. Let’s say someone is doing something in business that is not right but, they are making money on it. In their gut, they know it’s not right but they continue doing it because the money is good. They are selling their soul to the devil.
Or, let’s say someone becomes friends with someone that has questionable morals or ethics. In their gut, they don’t feel good about what they are doing but, they like the money or the power or the status they receive from the friendship. They are selling their soul to the devil.
In Genesis 18, the Bible says that two angels came to the entrance of the city of Sodom. Lot invited them to stay in his home for the night. Lot fed them but before they went to bed, all the men of the Sodom gathered at the door of Lot’s home and demanded that Lot give them the two angels so they could have sex with them.
So Lot has a dilemma. He believes in Jehovah God just like his uncle Abram does. And, even though Sodom has a questionable reputation, Lot has settled there because it has good pasture-land. Deep in Lot’s gut, he probably knows he shouldn’t be there but he rationalizes it by saying he can put up with the wickedness in exchange for the good pasture-land. But now he has a problem.
He’s trying to just fit in… but now, the people of Sodom are demanding Lot give them these two angels of God. Lot knows he can’t do it. It’s wrong. So what does Lot do? He offers these men his two daughters instead! Talk about selling your soul to the devil!
We always have to be careful about the friends we keep and the business practices we have. No person is worth our selling our soul to the devil. Teenager, you may be dating someone who is not a Christian or, someone who is doing some things that are wrong. You don’t feel comfortable but, the girl is pretty or the boy is handsome. Don’t sell your soul to the devil because of a good-looking girl or handsome boy.
Adult, you could be doing the same. Maybe you are trying to get started in your career and someone has sort of taken you under their wing, so to speak. You greatly appreciate this! But then, they start telling you how they do things and you don’t feel comfortable. Oh, you continue to hang out with this person because, well, you are just starting out in your career. You rationalize it… and you sell your soul to the devil.
So, learn from Lot… Lot was about to give up his daughters… his own flesh and blood… just so he could stay where there was good pasture land. He was about to sell his soul to the devil. Don’t do what Lot did. Even if it cost you business or a friendship… selling your soul to the devil is WAY too high a price for anything. Stay committed to the Lord and follow His will.

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