Be Careful About The Friends You Keep

Who are your friends? Or, another way of asking this question is, “Who are you running with?” Are you hanging out with some people you don’t need to be hanging out with?
Over the years, I’ve heard parents, at times, saying something like, “I’m concerned about some of his/her friends.” Or, I’ve heard parents say, “he/she changed with they started hanging out with some different kids.”
When parents say this, at times it indicates that a kid has gotten involved in drugs or, they are doing some things that aren’t good because they are hanging out with the wrong crowd. And, kids aren’t the only ones that do this. It can happen to adults as well.
In the book of Genesis, Abram and his nephew Lot had cattle but there wasn’t enough room for both of them in the place they were in. So, Abram told Lot they needed to split up. He gave Lot first choice. Lot looked toward a place named Sodom and noticed it had good pasture land to raise cattle. But, the Bible says that “…the people of this area were extremely wicked and constantly sinned against the Lord” (Gen. 13:13). But, that didn’t seem to concern Lot. He chose this land any way and eventually, it would cost Lot his wife. Some time later, God would destroy Sodom but as Lot escaped Sodom with his family, his wife looked back and died.
We all need to be careful about the people we associate with. Someone has said, that we are who we are due to the five closest people in our lives. It may be that you have some people in your close circle of friends that don’t need to be there.
There is an old saying that you can’t “soar with the eagles if you’re flying with the turkeys.” Be careful and don’t hang around with people who are having a negative impact on your life.

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