Do You Feel Bad When You Sin?

“Man, I got wasted!”
Ever heard someone say that?
Or, “I blew so much money it ain’t even funny!”
Ever heard that? Likely, you have.
When you hear those statements, they come from a person who is boasting about their sins. But Jesus said, we should mourn our sins.
What was he talking about? To mourn means to feel sorry for our sin. Now let’s be honest. Not many people feel sorry for their sins today. In fact, it’s the opposite; we almost glory in our sins.
For example, someone may brag about getting “wasted,” meaning, they were drunk. Why would you want to brag about getting wasted? Instead, it should bother us.
Or, someone may say, “I have wasted so much money, it ain’t even funny!” Ok, why would you want to brag about wasting money?
Jesus said we should mourn. We should feel sorry about our sins.
We are all sinners. We have all made mistakes. But are we sorry for our sins? That’s the key.
Jesus said, in order for us to become a Christian we must realize we need Christ and part of that is feeling sorry for our sins. Are you sorry for your sins? Does it bother you that you have sinned? It should. If it does, it’s an indication of the Holy Spirit’s work in your life. If it doesn’t, perhaps we have become too insensitive to the leadership of the Spirit in our lives or, we have gotten to a point that our sin doesn’t bother us.
If God is convicting you of sin, listen to Him! Don’t ignore the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Instead of gloating, we should feel badly about our sin.

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