Controlling Our Temper

(Ok… transparency here… In this post, I’m talking about something I’m not proud of but, it’s there and I’ve asked the Lord to help me get a handle on it in 2017.)
Do you have a problem with your temper? If you do.. it’s ok…I’m just asking. I will help you some… I can have a problem with my temper.
What causes us to have a problem with our temper? Some times, it’s just our personality. Simply put; some people are wired differently. Some people are very laid back and they just don’t struggle with their temper much. On the other hand, some people are a little more high-strung.
I have tried to determine why I’ve had a temper problem. The only thing I can figure is growing up, I was an only child for about nine years. When I didn’t get my way, I got angry. At least that’s the best explanation I could come up with. I know, it’s childish… I know, it’s immature.. but I told you at the start I’m being transparent here. I hope you don’t judge me.
But in the last year, God has convicted me of a need to get my temper under control.             That’s not to say I will never get angry. But, to get angry less.
There are certain things that have a tendency to make me angry…
1) If I feel someone has slighted me or my family.
It’s happened a few times… like it does to everyone else… and that can really get under my skin. If someone doesn’t do something they said they would do or mistreats me or a family member, it makes me angry.
2) Sports… specifically LSU sports.
I admit, God convicted me on this one. The fact that I can get angry about it indicates I care about it too much.
3) Rejection
Rejection causes me to get angry.
There are a few others but that’s enough for now.
There are times when it’s ok to get angry. The Bible says that Jesus got angry and turned over the tables of the moneychangers in the Temple. There are times when it is right to be angry. We are right to be angry if someone mistreats us or our kids.
We are right to be angry if someone lies to us.
We are right to be angry if we see someone being mistreated.
Getting angry is not always bad. Staying angry is bad.
Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:26, “Be angry and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.” Paul is telling us it’s ok to get angry but we shouldn’t stay angry.
So, join me in asking the Lord to help us get a grip on our anger. Determine what causes you to get angry and ask the Lord to help you with it.

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