Why Is The Bible Different From Other Holy Books?

(In the last year, I’ve had opportunities to talk with people from other faiths and I’ve talked with people who are atheists.  These conversations have led me to answer some questions about my faith.  I’m going to write some columns this year that grows out of that.  I will tell you in advance that I believe the bible from beginning to end but, I am an open-minded Christian.)

Why are you a Christian? That’s a question we all need to be able to answer. We live in a pluralistic society that has lots of different religious faiths. And, people who are not Christians want to know why we are Christians. Some may even ridicule our faith. Some may laugh at us and say we are silly or ignorant because we are Christians. So, why are we Christians?
Let’s start with our book, our owner’s manual, so to speak. It is the Bible. I believe the Bible from beginning to end. Now, do I understand everything in the Bible? No, I don’t. But, I accept the Bible.
But that’s not enough for lots of people. A year or so ago, I was talking with an atheist on twitter. Yes, I know; twitter is a weird place for a conversation but, that’s where it took place. In one-hundred-and-forty characters or less.
This atheist used to be a Christian.
I asked him when he left Christianity?
He said, “I couldn’t believe in a talking snake.”
He’s talking about the story in Genesis 3. I’ve never questioned it. Now, is it a little weird? Yes it is… I mean how many times have you heard of a snake talking? None? Yep, me too. But, the snake talked in Genesis 3.
I don’t know how all that happened but I believe it did.
Or, what about the flood? I accept the story of the flood. But the atheist looks at that story and says, “Why should I believe in a God who killed people?”
My response is that God is sovereign. God made everything. I’m not going to question God. But, I can see how someone could ask that.
I could go on and list other examples but here’s the deal… I believe the Bible… no, I don’t understand everything in the Bible.. and I question a few things (Please don’t report me to the Christian police. 🙂 ) but, I still believe the Bible and I trust God.
Now, some may say, “Ok, what makes the Bible different from other holy books?”
Well, the Bible says, “All scripture is inspired by God…” (II Timothy 3:16).
So, the Bible is inspired by God.
Ok, but other religious groups will say the same about their holy book. But I’ve heard of times when a person is hurting and they find a copy of God’s word, read it and receive Christ. So, God’s word is powerful. And, yes, more powerful than any other holy book.
Now these questions could go on and on and on. But ultimately, we believe the Bible is superior to all other holy books. We accept it by faith and we accept it because the Bible has made a difference in our lives.

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