“Last Chance U”

      Wednesday, as Holli and I were driving back to Georgia from visiting our families for Christmas, we decided to get off the Interstate and take the scenic route. In doing so, we drove through Philadelphia and Scooba, Mississippi. Philadelphia is the home of the legendary college football player, Marcus Dupree. Scooba is the home of East Mississippi Community College otherwise known as “Last Chance U.”
      “Last Chance U” is the title of a Netflix series that was produced and filmed about the football program at EMCC. The football program became known as “Last Chance U” because Coach Scott Walker and his Coaching staff have taken in kids who didn’t have the grades to attend larger, D-I programs or, the kids had character problems and were kicked off those teams. They come to EMCC as “Last Chance U.” It is their last chance to salvage their collegiate career and play pro ball.
       “Last Chance U… ” If you don’t turn it around there, you aren’t likely to turn it around somewhere else. This is, your last chance to salvage your football career.
Maybe there needs to be a “Last Chance U” in life. Or, maybe there already is one… it’s called the church. The church should be a place where anyone can go and find grace… doesn’t matter what their past is… the church will ALWAYS take you in.
      But, the church is more than “Last Chance U.” The church is really “Last ChanceS U.” You see, Jesus doesn’t stop forgiving. We mess up but thank God we get another chance. Jesus doesn’t ever say “This is your LAST chance.”
East Mississippi Community College is “Last Chance U.” The church is a place where anyone… anyone… can receive a last chance… and chances.
      “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, all old things have passed away, behold all is new” (II Cor. 5:17).

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