What’s Distracting You From The Most Important Thing

      This morning I went outside to read my Bible. I sit down, start reading and the dog comes up with a stick in his mouth. I tell him to go on but he doesn’t understand English. I wave my hand & say “go on” but he still doesn’t move. So, the only way I’m going to get him to move is if I throw the stick. So I do and he runs to get it.       But, he comes back…with the stick. Now, I’m trying to read my Bible but the dog wants me to play. I thought, “Ok, I will throw the stick and read my Bible while he’s gone.” I got two verses read.
       So finally I realized this wasn’t going to work. I can’t read my Bible AND play with the dog.
There is a great truth there for us; There may be something you need to do but you are getting distracted. Is there something distracting you from doing the things necessary to have a good walk with the Lord?
       It may be travel ball or cheer or gymnastics. It may be hinting or fishing. It may be golf. All of those are good things but, they shouldn’t distract us from the Lord. Make sure you don’t end up playing with the dog when you need to be reading your Bible or something else more important.

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