Jesus Wants To Get Up In All Our Stuff And Help Us

Tomorrow is Christmas day. A day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world. Jesus is, “Emmanuel, God with us.”
But what does that mean?
Man had a problem…. he is a sinner… and man could not fix his problem. He tried to keep the 10 Commandments but couldn’t do it. He tried building altars and did.. but that didn’t solve the problem. Today, man tries to be a good person… but the Bible say that even our best is as filthy rags before the Lord. So, what can man do to solve his sin problem? He can’t do anything. It’s done.
God saw this and God sent His ONLY Son to this earth to die for the sin of mankind. So, God caused Mary to conceive and she gave birth to Jesus. Now, some skeptic or an atheist might say, “Come on… do you really believe a virgin got pregnant without having sex?” Yes, I dod. Why? Because God did it. It HAD to be done. The only way Jesus can be our Savior is is He is perfect and to be perfect He had to be virgin born.
So, Mary gave birth to Jesus and He is called, “Emmanuel; God with us.”
God with us… think about that… God came down to this sin infested world. God left heaven and came to earth. As someone might say today, “He got up in all our stuff.”
Today, if you are having some problems… if your discouraged…. down… Jesus is God with us. Jesus wants to help you.
But how can He help you? He helps us by reading His word. He helps us through listening to Christian music. He helps by leading a Christian friend to reach out to us.
Listen; God loves you. It doesn’t matter what you’ve ever done, God loves you and God will forgive you. Jesus wants us to let Him get up in all our stuff and help us. He is Emmanuel; God with us.
Happy birthday Jesus!

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