It’s Christmas…. But You Don’t Feel Like Singing

One of the great things about the Christmas season is the music. I love Christmas music and I’m guessing you do too. I have a playlist on my iphone that is “Christmas Music.”
I love to sing along to;
“Rocking Around the Christmas Tree,” by Brenda Lee.
I love to sing along with Elvis’ “Blue Christmas.”
And, I love the old song, “Please Come Home For Christmas.”
In church, I love to sing “Silent Night” and other Christmas carols.
But, there are times when we don’t feel like singing. Oh, we may want to sing, but we can’t. Why? Has anyone closed our mouths?
No… there are times we can’t sing because we are hurting. Maybe we are grieving the loss of a parent, spouse or friend. Maybe we are going through a messy divorce. Maybe you recently lost your job. Whatever it is, you are hearing the Christmas songs but, you just don’t feel like singing. I understand.
The Psalmist understood to. In Psalm 137:2 he said, “But how can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a pagan land?” The people of Israel were in exile. They were there because they had disobeyed God. They were hurting.
Out of their hurt they asked, “How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a pagan land?” In other words, “how can you sing when you are hurting?”
That’s a good question because it is tough to sing when you are hurting. Maybe that’s exactly where you are today. You are hurting. You are struggling. Maybe you wish you could just skip Christmas this year.
So what can do we about it? Let’s think about what Christmas is… it is the birthday of Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus is “Emmanuel God with us.” Think about that… Jesus is God with us.
Does God understand how you feel? Yes.
Does God care about you? Yes.
And God will be with us. I didn’t say all the hurt would go away but God will help us.
So today, if you don’t feel like singing, ask the Lord to lift your spirits. Ask the Lord to help you sing… during this time when you dont’ feel like singing.

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