God Used Bethlehem – God Can Use Us

Do you ever think you are too insignificant for God to use?  Maybe you don’t feel you are educated enough.  Maybe you don’t sing well enough or, you feel like don’t have charisma.
Well, if you feel that way, you are wrong. God can use anyone. I’m proof of that… He has used me!
Micah 5:2 says that Jesus would be born in the small town of “Bethlehem, Ephrathah.” Bethlehem was a small insignificant town.  It was so insignificant that it was not even mentioned in two lists of cities and towns.  But, it’s where God chose for the Messiah to be born.
Don’t think you are too insignificant. God can use you.
I grew up on a dairy farm in the community of East Fork. My grammar wasn’t the best. I was very insecure socially… especially in the presence of well-educated people. I was a country boy to the core. But God called me.
One man put this way; “I didn’t graduate “Magna Cum Laude but Laude how Cum.”
No one in my family was a Minister. I didn’t have a Daddy who knew lots of Ministers. I was on my own. But God used me.
So, don’t think God can’t use you. Don’t think you are insignificant. God selected the small town of Bethlehem for the Messiah to be born. God can use us as well.
Think of people in the Bible God has used. God used Moses, although he told God he couldn’t even speak well. God used David, the youngest of Jesse’s boys. In the New Testament, God used Matthew who was basically a crooked politician. God used Peter, an impulsive Galilean fisherman.
God selected Joseph and Mary to be the earthly parents of Jesus. Shepherds, who were very common people, were the first to hear of Jesus birth.
God has always used ordinary people. If God is calling you, God will use you. Bethlehem was the birth-place of Jesus. It is proof that God uses everyone.

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