Have you ever had a problem or some obstacle and you asked the Lord to remove it? Sure you have…most of us have if not all of us. What do you do when you are faced with that?      Many times we go to the Lord and ask him to remove our problem. And, sometimes he does but sometimes he doesn’t. When he doesn’t we can get angry with God. But instead of getting angry, we should follow the apostle Paul’s direction.      In II Corinthians, Paul had asked the Lord to remove his thorn in the flesh. But God hadn’t removed it. Instead, God told Paul, “my grace is sufficient for Thee.” God was telling Paul, “I’m not going to change your situation, but I’m going to give you the strength to deal with it.”        God may tell you the same thing. Maybe you have been praying for a situation to change but thus far it hasn’t. Maybe you’ve been praying for a new job but it hasn’t happened. The Lord may just want to give you the strength to handle your current job.       Maybe you don’t like the area you live in… You’re trying to sell your house and it hasn’t sold. God may be saying “I want you to live here and minister here.”       If you’re praying for something and it hasn’t changed, God may be telling you what He told Paul; “my grace is sufficient for you.” Accept the Lord’s strength today in what may be a tough situation for you.       

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