Doing Justice and Righteousness

“We want justice!”
Have you ever heard anyone say that?
Or, someone may say, “I’m not going to rest until justice is done!”
We all want justice… justice is doing the right thing. In the book of Amos, the prophet cries out against the people of Israel for their injustice. The people were being taken advantage of. Yet, the people of Israel were observing all their religious festivals and doing all the things they did associated with worship. Yet, people were being treated wrong.
Amos speaks for the Lord when he says, “But let justice roll down like waters and Righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (5:24). God is saying, “Instead of your elaborate rituals in worship, I want to do justice and practice righteousness.
That is still needed today. It’s easy to go to worship. It’s easy to say “Amen” in a worship service. It’s easy to go to a Bible study. It’s not easy to put the principles we learn in Bible study into practice.
It’s easy to preach a sermon or teach a Sunday School class or sing a solo in worship. It’s not always easy to to help someone. There are times when I’m in worship and the congregation is standing. Some are raising hands to God. Some may be clapping. Others are singing from the bottom of their hearts. We are praising our God when we worship.
But, the God we praise wants us to help our fellow man as well. I have wondered at times if our worship leads us to help our fellow man… to do the right thing.
Today, do right in your life. Today, be honest. Today, help someone. Help others like Jesus would if He were on earth.
It has been said, “It’s never wrong to do the right thing.” Do the right thing today.


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