Are You Trying Hard To Please Everyone?

Are you a people pleaser? It’s ok… I have a tendency to be one as well. Or, are you afraid of people? Are there people that you are afraid of because you feel you could lose your job or something? Most of us have someone in that category.
But, Proverbs 29:25 says, “Fearing people is a dangerous trap… but trust the Lord means safety.” Think about that verse. “Fearing people…” The obvious application is being afraid of someone… not wanting to upset someone because you don’t want to lose your job or perhaps some money. The flip side of that is fearing someone to the point that you want to please them.
Lots of people have lots of “people pleaser” in them. Maybe its our parents or our boss or someone that we like and we want them to like us. You can go through your life trying to please everyone. That is a major temptation and challenge for Ministers. We want to be liked. We want to feel secure. We don’t want anyone upset with us so, we try to please everyone.
Maybe that’s exactly where you are today.. trying to please someone but in the process, you are making yourself miserable. Maybe with the holidays coming up you kick into people pleasing mode. You really, really want everyone to be happy so, you try to please everyone. I have found this to be true; you work hard trying to please everyone and in the end, you don’t please yourself.
There is one person we all need to please and that’s Jesus. That’s it. If we put Jesus first and please Jesus, everything else works out. Putting Jesus first will lead us to treat our spouse right and love them. Putting Jesus first will lead us to get rid of people in our lives that we are trying to please but can’t.
Friend, if you are trying to please everyone.. give it up… you can’t do it. Please Jesus and everything else works out.

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