You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To

The Georgia High School Championships are taking place this weekend in the Georgia Dome. Twelve schools are playing for the championship in their respective divisions. These teams started practicing back in August when it is was extremely hot. I can just about guarantee you, that at a practice or a team meeting, a Coach told his players that if they wanted to win a championship, they had to be completely devoted to football for the next five months. In other words, they had to love it.
It’s that way in most things. If you want to accomplish anything great, you have to love it. You have to be committed to it.
It’s the same way in our Christian lives. In the book of Revelation, the apostle John said to the church in Ephesus, “But I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first.”
Think about that… “you don’t love me like you used to.” A spouse may have told their spouse at some point, “I don’t love you like I used too.”
A teacher may have told a student, “You don’t study like you used to.”
A Coach may have told an athlete, “You don’t work as hard as you used to.”
So what about you?
Now be honest with me but more importantly… be honest with yourself… what do you love the most?
Is it your hobby?
Your job?
Your family?
What do you love the most?
If it’s not Jesus, then you are loving the wrong thing. But, let’s look at this from the other side.  Why should you love Jesus more than anything else?  Because Jesus gave His life for our sins.  Fishing can’t save us.  Golf can’t save us.  Golf can’t save us.  But Jesus can.  He deserves our top-priority in our lives!    If we are going to experience revival in our nation, we must return to Christ. He must be our first love.

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