Don’t Think YOU Have To Run Your Church

Do you think everything has to go through you? Are you the type person that thinks everything that happens in your church has to be “blessed” by you? If so, don’t be that way.
In III John, the apostle John talks about a man named Diotrephes. Diotrephes was a man who was a leader in the church and he was basically running it. Anything that happened had to go through Diotrephes. John had encouraged them to do some things but Diotrephes shut it down.
If you are someone like Diotrephes, you need to be careful. Friend, you aren’t God. You don’t own the church. If you are keeping your church from doing something that God wants done, you are going to answer for it at judgment day.
But why are people like this? Why do people want to run a church? For some, it’s power. For others, maybe it’s fear of change. They are afraid of change and don’t want the church to change either. For some, maybe they think they are preserving their family heritage. Maybe their parents were very active in the church and they are trying to keep things the way they think, their Parents would like it.
If you are a control freak.. friend… turn loose. Do you love Jesus? Do you believe Jesus can take care of your church? I sure hope so. So, back away and let Jesus run it. Jesus can do a much better job of it than any of us can.
Don’t be a Diotrephes in your church. Let the Lord run it… He can handle it.

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