Needed – People Who Are Faithful, Responsible & Trustworthy

When you talk with business owners or people in human resources, they will tell you that one of their greatest challenges today is finding people who will work.. finding people who are reliable… trustworthy.
In Daniel 6, the Bible says that Daniel had set himself apart as someone who was loyal, responsible. Daniel 6:4 says of Daniel, “… He was faithful, always responsible, completely trustworthy.”
Think about that verse.
Daniel was faithful…
Daniel was responsible… if you gave him something to do, he did it. He didn’t make excuses.
Daniel was completely trustworthy. You didn’t have to worry about Daniel running his mouth. What you told him stayed with him.
My guess is, all employers.. all companies… would love to find lots of people like   Daniel. That is, people who are faithful, responsible and trustworthy.
What about you? If your boss or manager was describing you to someone, how would they describe you? Would they say you are reliable and trustworthy?
If they couldn’t, then we need to make some changes.
Maybe you haven’t been the best employee and you know it. That can change. Start today.
What about at church? Do you volunteer for things and then, not show up? That’s not a mark of Christian maturity.
Today and in the days ahead, let’s determine to have a good work ethic. Let’s determine to be reliable, trustworthy etc..

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