Don’t Repay Evil For Evil – Love & Pray For Your Enemies

      When someone hurts you or says something about you, it’s our natural tendency to want to retaliate. I mean, we want to get even! If someone honks a horn at us on the road, we want to honk a horn in retaliation! It’s as if were saying, “I’ll show you!”
      But that isn’t how we are to respond when people hurt us. Instead of retaliation, the Bible teaches us not to repay evil for evil. (first Peter three paragraph)
But let’s be honest; when someone hurts us… Someone lies about us… when someone leaves us out of something… It hurts and we want to get even…we want to repay evil for evil. So why does Jesus tell us not to repay evil for evil? It’s because when the world sees us pray for someone or help someone instead of retaliating, then, it’s obvious there is something different about us; and that something “different” is the love of Christ.
      Years ago there were some people saying some things about me that hurt. I spoke with the pastor mentor mine and his advice was instead of retaliating, to love them. I admit, I thought, “it’s going to be tough to do.”
      But, that is the Christian way. So if someone’s hurt you or if someone has said something about you that is wrong… Instead of repaying evil for evil, love them instead. And as we do we demonstrate to the world the love of Christ.

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