Blessed & Highly Favored!

“An attitude of gratitude.”
You are familiar with that phrase. It is a reminder to us that we need to live with an “Attitude of Gratitude.” As we approach Thanksgiving day it’s a good reminder to us in how to live.
But I’ve noticed the opposite. Lots of people today tend to have an “entitlement attitude.” They feel like the world owes them something. We are quick to let the world know that we have our rights. We feel we are “entitled” to things.
I’m not sure where this comes from because, like Will Rogers once said, “The world doesn’t owe us anything; it was here first.” Still, people think they are are entitled.
I shared this earlier but it’s a good reminder. Tuesday night, Holli and I took some food to a shelter. As one individual came out to get the food I said, “How are you?”
They responded, “I’m blessed and highly favored!”
Think about that… “blessed and highly favored” and living in a shelter. Immediately, I was convicted. I’ve complained when my cable goes out! That’s entertainment! This person was living in a shelter and they were very appreciative.
As we approach Thanksgiving, let’s not have an attitude of entitlement. Instead, let’s be thankful for provision, healthy, shelter, etc.
We are all “blessed and highly favored.” Let’s thank the Lord for that this Thanksgiving.

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