Real Revival Is Making Decisions Based On.. “What Would Jesus Do?”

America needs revival. I think most Christians would agree with that. But what does revival look like? Is it just a series of services? Is it a conference? Is it a pryer group? All those things are good but real, lasting revival is more than that. So, what does revival look like?
As I thought about that, an acronym came to mind that was very popular a few years ago and is still seen today. It is, “WWJD.” That acronym stands for “What Would Jesus Do?” So, how does an acronym describe revival? Let’s look at it.
Real revival should mean changed lives. Not just a series of meetings… not just a conference… not just a small group. It should mean changed lives.
If each Christian decided to make every decision they make based on, “What Would Jesus Do?”, think of the impact it would make.
It’s Sunday morning… it’s been a long week… we are trying to decide if we are going to worship. We ask the question; “What Would Jesus Do?” It’s a no-brainer, friend.
Or, we are in worship and the offering is being taken. We want to give but money is tight. What do we do? Again, we ask; “What Would Jesus Do?” Again.. no-brainer.
Or, we see a person standing at an intersection holding up a sign saying “will work for food.” Our heart is touched… a little.. What do we do? Again… “what would Jesus do?” And we pull out some cash and give it to him.
Or, we see someone that looks different from us. Immediately, we judge them. Then, the Holy Spirit prompts us… “What Would Jesus Do?” and we humbly, confess our sin and ask for help to stop judging.
The examples could go on and on.
What Would Jesus Do? If individual Christians and churches made decisions based on that, I believe we would see a change in our churches, our communities, our cities and our nation.
I encourage you to try it with me and let’s see how the Lord changes us.

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