Dry Bones Can Live!

      Question; are you enjoying the Christian life? Be honest; if you’re not, the only way you can solve the problem is by dealing with reality.
In John 10:10 Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” so, are you enjoying the abundant life that Jesus said we can have?
      In Ezekiel 37, God told the prophet to go into a valley of dry bones. God asked, “can these bones live?” Ezekiel said, “oh sovereign God Thou knowest.” then, God caused the dry bones to begin forming human bodies. The dry bones did live!
      In a symbolical way, those dry bones represent lots of us. our Christian walk has gotten dry.b I confess, man is not what I would like for it to be. But, we don’t have to stay that way.
      If your walk with Jesus is not what you would like for it to be, give it to the Lord. Begin spending time reading God’s word. Ask the Holy Spirit to search your life for anything that might be hindering your Christian walk.
      Just as the dry bones lived in Ezekiel, our dry bones can live. Jesus wants us to have a strong walk with Him!

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