“No Fishing!”

If you have ever messed up, raise your hand. Ok, that’s everyone. We have all made mistakes.
And, when we make mistakes, the Bible tells us we can be forgiven. We confess our sins and the Lord forgives. But, even when our sins are forgiven, the devil can remind us of them.
The devil continually reminds us of mistakes from our past. It doesn’t matter if we have been forgiven.. Satan still brings them up.
Corrie Ten Boom has great advice on this. She says, “God throws our sin into the depths of the ocean and puts up a sign saying, ‘No fishing!'”
That’s exactly what God does. So, if Satan is continually bringing up old mistakes… things you have done in the past… tell Satan the Lord has forgiven you.. and God has cast your sins into the depth of the sea.
And, Christian; I encourage you to stop bringing up someone’s mistakes as well. We have all messed up. Every last one of us. Let’s work on our problems and let God handle the rest.

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