We Need To Build One Another Up

Christians need one another. We need fellowship with other Christians. You want proof? When God created Adam He saw that Adam was lonely and God created Eve to be man’s help-mate.
In Jude 21, Jude challenges his readers to “… build each other up in your most holy faith.” Jude was challenging his readers to encourage one another, to pick each other up.
Just as Jude challenged first-century Christians to build each other up, we need to build one another up today as well. How do we do this?
First, every Christian needs a church family. I know that many today choose not to do church because they have been hurt; I understand… I’ve been hurt as well but, we still need the church. We just need to find a healthy church and get involved. Back in March, Holli and I were searching for a church faily. I had planned on visiting several churches before deciding. One Sunday moring, we decided to attend Cartersville FBC. From the moment we walked in the sanctuary, we sensed that was where God wanted us and we are enjoying worship there.
Second, I encourage every Christian to get involved in a SS class or sall group. This is where you really get to know one another.
Third, be sensitive to people around you who need encouragement. You may meet someone today who is going through a tough time or, someone who is short of money. Encourage them and help them if you can.
We need to build one another up. We need to encourage one another Someone said, “The best thing you can do behind someone is pat them on the back.” Maybe you need to give someone a pat on the back today

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