Maturity In Christ

I’ve been in the car business for eight months. I’ve met a few guys who are very knowledgable about cars. I asked them how they knew so much? They said, “Well, I’m a car man. I love cars..” When you love something, you want to learn about it. You buy books and magazines about your subject of interest. You go to websites where you can learn more. If you love something, you want to learn more about it.
The same should be true of our relationship with Jesus. If we love Jesus, we want to learn about Jesus. To learn about Jesus, we study His word. But, are we doing that?
Let me ask you a very personal question; Go back to the time you received Christ as Savior. Since that time, how much have you grown in your understanding of the Bible? If you haven’t grown much, you need to correct that.
In Hebrews 5:12, the writer is challenging the people to whom he is writing and he says, “by this time you ought to be teachers.” The word “ought” means “indebted to or obligated to.” The writer is saying that the recipients of his letter had been believers long enough they should have matured to the point that they could teach.
What about you? Are you growing as a Christian? Do you know more about your favorite college football team than you do about the Lord? Do you know more about bow hunting than you do about the Lord?
Recently, I met a young man and we were talking about his faith. He said he was a Christian and I affirmed him. Then, I asked him if he was reading his Bible and he admitted that he wasn’t. I affirmed him for his honesty and then encouraged him to begin reading his Bible.
I will do the same for you. Make time to read your Bible. Turn the TV off. Get off the computer. Get up a few minutes early. Do whatever you have to do but spend time in God’s word so that you can mature as a Christian.

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