The Sin Of Doing Nothing

      When living the Christian life we can focus on things we are not supposed to do. At night, as we are about to go to bed, we can go through a mental check list of things we didnt do and we can feel comfortable about ourselves. But, the Christian life is more than “thou shall not’s.”
      James 4:21 says, “If you see something that needs to be done and don’t do, it is sin.”
      So, if we see a hungry person or a homeless person or someone who is just going through a tough patch and we don’t help them, that is sin. Sin is not just refraining from stuff. Sin is seeing sonething that needs to be done and failing to do it
      Last night, I watched the movie “Behind Enemy Lines.” A character played by Owen Wilson is shot down and the enemy is searching for him. A rescue squad is about to get him but they are told to stand down. One of the soldiers hits the wall and says, “he’s out there and we did nothing!!!”
      What about us? Are we helping make the world a better place? Are we aware of a need but arent trying to help?
      Stop doing nothing! Let’s get involved and help.

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