Come Before Winter

Have you ever received a package marked “Urgent!” If  you have, you immediately open the package.  You are curious to know what is “urgent” about the package.
Maybe you begin each day with a “to do” list.   You have a list of things you need to do written down on paper or, on your smart phone or maybe just in your head. You have a list of things to do because if you don’t write them down, you are likely to forget them.  And, some things on that list  may be considered “urgent.”  As in… these need to be done before anything else is done.
In II Timothy 4:21, the apostle Paul challenged Timothy to “do your best to get here before winter.”  Why did Paul say that?  There are a couple of reasons. First, Paul knew that if Timothy waited to long,  It was possible he may not have been able to get there.  Second, Paul may have felt he was about to die so he is telling Timothy to have a sense of urgency.
First, we need a sense of urgency about winning people to Christ.  You may have a friend or family member who is not a Christian.  You need to share the gospel with them and pray they receive Christ.
Second, church leadership, we need a sense of urgency about sharing the gospel. There are so many things that happen in the life of a church that if we aren’t careful, we can do lots of things but fail to do the most important thing which is share Christ.
We need a sense of urgency in affirming other people. There may be someone that you know that is struggling. They are hurting. They may be praying for someone… anyone… to care about them. God may put it on your heart to do it but, you get sidetracked by other things. We need to look around us and be sensitive to people who are hurting and encourage them.
We need a sense of urgency in restoring broken relationships.  Maybe there is someone you don’t get along with.  Maybe there is someone you don’t speak to any more.  You need to get that relationship right, friend.  Life is too short to carry grudges.
Paul told Timothy to “Come before winter.” We eeed to have the same sense of urgency in sharing the gospel, winning people to Christ, encouraging others and restoring broken relationships.

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