Dealing With Our Old Habits

Recently, in one of my blog posts, I mentioned the movie “Purgatory.”  “Purgatory” is about a small, in-the-middle-of-nowhere town   called “Refuge.”  “Refuge” is a place where  old West characters go and if they can live for the Lord for several years, they go to heaven.
A group of bad characters discover “Refuge.” They begin taunting the people. One bad guy rides into “Lefty’s” garden and destroys it. Lefty goes back to his old ways and runs toward the man. He takes a shovel and kills the man.
Immediately after killing the man, Lefty feels remorse. He knows he’s messed up. Through tears he says, “It’s been eight years.. I thought I was past it.
Lefty’s old tendencies came back. Lefty thought he was past the habits of hist past but he wasn’t.
We are all like Lefty. While we are saved from the penalty of sin, we are being saved from the power of sin and one day, we will be saved from the presence of sin.
Do your old habits and temptations still bother you? More than likely they do. For some, maybe it’s the temptation to drink. For others, it’s the temptation to gamble. For others, it may be their temper.
Like Lefty, we struggle with our past. But the Lord wants to help us. Ask the Lord today to help you with the problems of your past.

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