Christians Need To Live Godly Lives 

      Our nation has many challenges and they are the focal point of this election season. But, one of the greatest challenges we face is Christians living CHRIST-LIFE lives.       In II Thessalonians 1:12, the apostle Paul challenges us to live holy lives. Paul writes, “the name of our Lord Jesus will be honored because of the way you live, and you will be honored along with him.” 

Paul prays that we will glorify our Lord through how we live. So, as unbelievers see us, our lifestyle demonstrates if we are living for Christ or not. 

      So let’s evaluate our lives. What about our moths? Do we have a potty mouth or is our language pure? What about what we watch on TV or the movies? What about the places we go?  
No one is perfect… I repeat No One is perfect. But, we should have the desire to live for Christ and frankly, when we don’t, it should convict us.
We should live lives that bring glory to God. Are we doing that?

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