If Jesus Is On Our Lips He Should Fill Our Hearts.

      It’s Sunday morning.
      For Christians, it’s a day of worship. We will go to our churches and we will sing, give abd hear a message. We may even say “Praise the Lord!” as we hear a part of the message that touches us. But is our heart right? We can sound spiritual in worship…we can appear to be spiritual just by attending worship but, is our heart in it?
      The people of Israel were going through the motions of worship which led Jeremiah to say, “…Your name is on their lips, but you are far from their hearts.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭12:2
      “Your name is on their lips….We may say “Halleujah!” or “Amen!” or “Praise the Lord!” or “Preach it!” in a worship service but, the reality is, Jesus is FAR from our hearts. Our lives haven’t changed.
      We don’t tithe.
      We have a grudge agsinst our fellow man.
      We may see someone who needs help or know someone who needs help but we do nothing about it.
      We resist any kind of change in our church that may be proposed.
      We cuss just like unbelievers.
Jesus name is on our lips but He is FAR from our hearts!
      Christians, we need to get our hearts right. We need to stop playing the game of church and get right with the Lord.
      Today, if Jesus is on our lips, lets make sure He fills our hearts as well.

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