John Mark: An Example Of Grace

Have you ever messed up? Blown it? Just absolutely did a belly-flop in life? Most of us have, well, all of us have. Some may not have done a belly-flop but they have messed up. And because we have messed up, we can think God can’t use us. For that matter, someone may have told us God can’t use us.
Well, that’s not true. To prove that, let me give you “Exhibit A.” His name is John Mark. Mark, as he is better known to us, went with the apostle Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. But something happened because Mark bailed out. So, when Paul and Barnabas were getting ready to take their second missionary journey, Paul didn’t want to take Mark. But Barnabas did so, the two men split up with Barnabas taking Mark. Paul obviously had a problem with Mark.
But, let’s fast forward a few years. Paul is now in prison. He writes the letter to Colossae and he tells the people Mark is with him (4:10).
Now wait a minute.. Mark is with Paul? Yep. That’s what Paul says. But, last time we checked, Paul didn’t like Mark. That’s right but, time healed some things. So, later in life, Paul and Mark have made up.
Mark is an excellent example to all of us that even if we have messed up, God can use us. God can use you. Don’t let a mistake or, mistakes, prevent you from being used by God.
Christianity is about grace. The first book in the New Testament bears the name of a man who messed up. Thank the Lord for His grace!

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