Forgive Like Jesus Did

      Yesterday, one of the buggest football games of the day was Louisville vs Clemson. One of the story lines of the game was the reemergence of Bobby Patrino. Petrino is a great Coach but he has baggage. Let me give you a little background on Petrino.
      Several years ago he was Head Coach of the Falcons but he left before the season was over. Then, he became Coach of the University of Arkansas and did a great job until, he had an affair and a motorcycle accident with the girl. Petrino sat out a year and became Head Coach at Western Kentucky.     After a year he went back to Louisville where he is in his second season. So, Louisville playing Clemson was more than a big game; it was “Bobby Petrino is back!” Or is he?
      Some would argue, “I don’t care what kind of Coach he is, he has terrible character,” and, he has made mistakes. But, haven’t we all? Sure we have!
      A Coach who Coached with Petrino in the past said, Everybody makes mistakes. As long as they look them in the eye, accept responsibility and don’t let them happen again, you are supposed to be forgiven.”
      Excellent quote!
      Have you messed up? Sure you have! Has someone else messed up but you won’t forgive them? You need to do it and move on.
      When Jesus was on the cross, He looked His accusers in the eye and said, “Father forgive them…”
We need to do the same.

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