The Fate Of The Wicked 

      As Christians, we can buy into this idea that God is going to bless us but the wicked are going to struggle. But that may not happen. So, when we see the wicked prospering we can question the goodness of God.
      The Psalmist experienced this. In Psalm 73 the Psalmist said he looked around and saw that the wicked were prospering. This bothered the Psalmist. As he looked and reflected on this it really disturbed him that the wicked seemed to be doing well.
But later in that Psalm, the Psalmist said that when “he went into the sanctuary of God,”there he saw the end of the wicked. It was only when he got a “God” perspective that the Psalmist was able to see that even though the wicked prospered on earth in the end, their destiny was one of punishment.
      Maybe you have had the same struggle as the Psalmist. Maybe you have looked around and you see that the wicked seems to prosper whike Christians can suffer. Don’t let that observation affect your faith in God. This world is not our final destiny. One day, everyone will stand before the Lord.
      Yes the wicked often prosper on this earth. Someone can make money by doing something illegal. But that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist. It doesn’t mean that Our walk with Christ is futile. One day everyone will stand before the Lord and be punished or rewarded according to their lives.

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