Your Work For The Lord Is Not Wasted

Several years ago, I received a phone call one night from a kid that was in my youth group years ago. At that time, well, let’s just say life was never dull with him around. 🙂 So, I answer the phone that night and he says “Bro. Gregg… this is my …..” Then, he proceeded to say, “I appreciate all you did for me back then..”
Wow! I was blown away! Yes, there were times when I questioned if I was doing any good with him so, it was a major dose of encouragement to hear that I had. You may have felt the same way.
Maybe you have a Sunday School class and you question if you are doing any good. Maybe you are a Pastor or some other Staff member in a church and you are questioning if you are doing any good. Maybe you are a Coach and you have thought the same or, maybe a Teacher.
The devil can make us think we are wasting our time. No one is listening. Besides, who cares? Or, that’s what Satan wants us to think.
In Galations 2, Paul went to Jerusalem to tell the church leaders what he was preaching. Paul said “he wanted to make sure they were in agreement.”
Then, Paul added, “…for fear that all my efforts had been wasted and I was running the race for nothing” (Gal. 2:2).
Think about those words… “for fear that all my efforts had been wasted..” Most of us have thought that at times. But, I can assure you, that your efforts for the Lord aren’t wasted. Now, you may not experience immediate results… sometimes it takes a while but, whatever you do for the Lord is not wasted time.
So today, if you are down.. wondering if you are wasting your time; don’t quit. Keep serving. Keep teaching. Keep singing. Keep greeting. Keep visiting. Keep giving. You will reap what you have sown in due season.

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