Stand Up To Life

      Have you ever wanted to run away? You probably have. There are times when things happen and we want to get away.
      We make a mistake and we are embarrassed and want to get out of town. We think we can take a trip and everything will be better. Or, maybe go on a shopping spree.
At times, a nice get-away is good but, when we return the problems are still there. The Psalmist dealt with this. In Psalm 55;6 the Bible says, “Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest!”
      The Psalmist wanted to fly away. He had been betrayed by a friend. He said, “For it is not an enemy who reproaches me, Then I could bear it…. It is my companion and friend.”
      The Psalmist wanted to run away but, later he realized that wasn’t the answer. In verse 16, the Psalmist says, “As for me I shall call upon God, and the Lord will save me.”
      What the Psalmist learned, we need to learn. You don’t run from problems. You stand up to them.
A pastor friend tells of a visit he had with a friend of his who was a psychiatrist. It was one of those rare occasions when one person lays bare his soul another. But on this occasion, the psychiatrist did the talking. He had been the campus physician for a large state university several years earlier. He had not handled the pressure of his job very well, and, as a result, began to use drugs until he became addicted to them. When the university officials and the state medical board learned of this, he was dismissed from his job, and his medical license was suspended.
      He was so humiliated and ashamed that his first thought was to pack up and leave – not just the city but the state as well. He considered moving to California where he was not known and where he could start life over, but the more he reflected on this, the more he realized that was not the solution to his problem. He said, “I knew if I ran away, after that every time anybody thought of me he would say, “Well, old Bill is probably out in California, still on the needle.’ So,” he continued, “I decided instead to stay right here among the people before whom I had disgraced myself and show them that I was a changed man.” And that’s exactly what he did.
He put his life back together., abandoned drugs, had his medical license reinstated, and returned to school for additional training to become a psychiatrist. He continued to live in that same little city among those same people, showing them he was a different man, something he could never have done had he run away.
But his first inclination is the reaction most of us have to trouble, disappointments, and the heartaches of life. When hurts come, when we are embarrassed in some way, our first thought is to run away and start life all over again.
      If you are wanting to run away… don’t do it… Stand up to your problems and with the Lord’s help, rebuild your life.

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