Like Alan Iverson… We Need A John Thompson To Care

Yesterday, Alan Iverson was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. He was presented by his former Georgetown Coach, John Thompson. In his speech, Iverson choked up and thanked John Thompson for “saving his life.” Let me give you the background for the comment.
When Iverson was in High School, he got into a fight at a bowling alley and was sent to prison. I don’t know all the details from this point but, this much I know; Iverson’s mothers had to encourage John Thompson, Head Coach at Georgetown at that time, to take a chance on Iverson. Thompson said that he was initially contacted about Iverson, he was hesitant.
Who wouldn’t be? Even though the kid was a great athlete, he had committed a crime. However, Thompson took a chance on him. Iverson played at Georgetown and then, the Philadelphia 76ers.
At the highest point of his career, the man who took a chance on him, John Thompson, introduced Iverson. In his speech, he said of Thompson, “he saved my life.”
There is another Alan Iverson out there somewhere. There is someone who has made some mistakes and needs someone to take a chance on them. Maybe there is someone in your life like that.
Maybe you are a little apprehensive about helping someone. You aren’t sure. John Thompson wasn’t sure either but, he took a chance.
You know, none of us had anything to offer Jesus, but He saved us… in spite of our sin. Folks, there may be someone that needs you to reach out to them. Whomever it is may have made some mistakes. Who hasn’t Most people don’t come with a spotless past and a nice little bow on them Most of us have made mistakes. You have made mistakes and I’ve made mistakes.
Today, someone needs you to be a John Thompson and take a chance on them like Thompson did with Alan Iverson.
Psalm 142:4 says, “Look to the right and see, For there is no one who regards me; There is no escape for me; No one cares for my soul.” (Ps 142:4)
Today, maybe God wants to use you to care for someone’s soul.

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