Standing Up For The Flag

      President Obama, you have told Colin Kappernick that it’s ok to sit during the playing of the National Anthem. Now, you have told us that we need to “look past the flag” and see the racial problems in America. Sir, I strongly disagree.
      I don’t disagree that we have problems. America most definitely has her problems. And, I recognize that America does have some racial problems. But, we have other problems as well, Mr. President.
       I think the greatest problem we have is spiritual. The United States of America is in desperate need of spiritual awakening. I realize we are a pluralistic society… I get that. But, this nation was founded by men who may not have all agreed on spiritual things, but there was respect for the Almighty. That doesn’t exist today.
       Mr. President, there may be some racial problems, but you don’t help the cause, Sir, by fanning the flames every time you get an opportunity.
       I challenge you to tell the men who raised the flag on Iwo Jima. Tell those brave soldiers and their families to “look past the flag” sir.
I challenge you to tell Francis Scott Key, who was moved by the sight of the flag waving in the night and wrote our National Anthem. Tell Francis Scott Key to “look past the flag.”
       Mr. President, you stand in front of a huge flag hanging behind in the United States House of Representatives when you give the State of the Union. Perhaps we should look past that flag sir.
Mr. President, I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt at times during your Presidency but on the flag issue… I can’t do it. Sir, the flag of the United States of America is our national symbol for freedom. Young men and women in the nation’s military are taught to salute the flag… respect the flag… you are their Commander in Chief and you are telling them, it’s ok to “look past the flag?”
       Mr. President, when a United States Military Veteran passes away, at the conclusion of the graveside service, the widow is presented with a flag and they are told, “On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, may I present this flag as a token of our appreciation.” Do you want that widow to “look past the flag?”
       Mr. President, perhaps you need to familiarize yourself with a song by the last Merle Haggard entitled, “Are The Good Times Really Over””
        Some of his lyrics were;
        “Stop rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell,
         Stand up for the flag and let’s all ring the liberty bell.
         Cause the rest of the free life is still yet to come;
           And the good times ain’t over for good.”

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