If you have followed my blog posts very much you know that I believe strongly in grace. You have even heard me say occasionally, “There is nothing that lives outside the realm of God’s forgiveness.” and, that statement is true. However, there is another step to forgiveness of sins that we can overlook if we’re not careful. That step is repentance.
      In Psalm 51, David was asking forgiveness of his sinof adultery with Bethsheba. In cerse three David prayed, “I recognize my rebellion.” David was saying, “I know that I have sinned.”
That’s a key step in the forgiveness of sin. And, it’s a step that we often overlook. It’s called repentance. When we repent of our sin we are admitting that we have sinned and that and we are sorry for our sin.
      Now, you might be afraid to repent. You may be thinking, “if I just don’t talk about it, it will go away.” Not true my friend. The good news is, whatever you have done and whatever mistake you have made, Jesus will forgive.
So today, if there is sin that you have never confessed, I encourage you to confess it and know that Jesus will forgive you.

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