One Of The Keys To Happiness In Life

Of all the subjects we talk about, money is one of the most sensitive. I understand that and I am sensitive to that, however, it is an issue that needs to be discussed because it is so important in our lives.
To begin with, let’s not kid ourselves; money is a pretty important subject. Zig Ziglar once said that money is second only to oxygen in importance in our lives.
Just about everything we do requires money. I don’t know of any stores that let you purchase things without having money. So money is pretty important.
So, if money is that important, we need to learn how to handle it. Many marital problems grow out of the management or lack of management of money.
First, your salary does not define you. It may be that you aren’t making the kind of money you thought you would and that, can lead to discouragement. However, our salary, our bank account does not define us. You don’t have to have wealth for God to love you.
Second, how we handle money is a good indication of that’s important to us. Someone has said that if you want to know what’s important to someone, check their check book and their calendar. So, where is your money going? That will tell you what’s important to you.
Third, be a giver. I’ve known lots of people over the course of my thirty-five years of ministry and those who are givers are some of the happiest.
Several years ago I read a newspaper article about H.L. Hunt, I believe. He owned a trucking buisness. He said he kept a $100 bill in his pocket at all times because he wanted to be able help people who needed help. He did this because there was a time when he needed help.
Finally, the first step in good money management begins with the realization that we don’t own anything… the money we have belongs to God. Psalms 50:10 says, “and I own the cattle on a thousand hills.”
Some time ago, a wealthy man passed away. Some men were talking about this man and one said, “How much did so & so leave behind?”
The other man responded, “All of it.”
You don’t see any Wells Fargo trucks behind a hearst because we leave all our possessions behind. Because of that we need to manage God’s money wisely.

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