Don’t Live In The Past

Are you living in the past?
Are you constantly talking about how things were “back in the day?”
Maybe there was a time in your life… in the past… that you made good money or had a nice position and you love to talk about those days.
This is especially bad in church. We love to talk about how things “used to be.” Someone will say, “I remember when…”
Maybe your church has changed some and you don’t particulary care for it. And,you are constantly telling people that “back in the day” we didn’t have drums and stuff and preachers dressed up with suits and ties and preached the gospel…
Friend, you are living in the past. Those days are gone. Gone! Forever! And it doesn’t matter how much you romanticize them, they aren’t coming back. They don’t need to come back… we have today. God wants us to live in the present.
Maybe your Daddy or your grandfather was a Minister and you love to talk about how he did things. I understand. But if your Dad or Grandfather was Ministering today, they might well do things the way it’s being done today.
The apostle Paul said, “forgetting what lies behind.. I press on…”
If you are dwelling on the past… living in the past… friend, you to need to move on..
Years ago a man was talking about how people like to remember “the good ole days.” The man said, “the good ole days” weren’t as “good” as people like to remember them. lol
Today, we worship a God of the past, present and future but He wants us to live today and focus on today… Don’t dwell on the past.

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