Being Open To The Leadership Of The Spirit.

      Are you open to new things or, are you resistant to change? We all have a comfort zone and when something comes along that is outside our comfort zone we can be resistant.
      This happens in church often. Someone can propose an idea that is good but, it’s different and will take people out of their comfort zone. When people are afraid they have a tendency to resist.
      But if the Holy Spirit is moving and leading with the a new idea, we need to be open and listen to the leadership of the Spirit.
The apostle Paul said, “For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”
      God may be trying to teach you sonething new but you are resisting. Maybe God is tryibg to move and do something new in your church.
      Folks, the gospel message is the only thing that doesn’t change. Methods may change but the gospel doesn’t. We all need to be open to the leadership of the Spirit in our churches and in our lives.

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