Comforting Others As You Have Been Comforted

      There is an old saying that there are three types of people in life; Those who are going through adversity, those who are about to go through adversity and those who are coming out of adversity. Adversity is no fun but God can use our adversity.
      Paul said, “God comforts us in our afflction so that we may comfort others..”(II Cor 1:3)  One of the benefits of adversity is, when we face it, we are more concerned for others who are going through adversity.
      Several years ago I was going through some tough times. I called a couple of people and honestly, got little help. But then I called another man and he asked me to lunch. We talked and he encouraged me. Holli and I started attending his church.
       Why did this Pastor reach out? Because he had been through adversity. He knew how it felt.
God may want you to reach out to someone today. God may have comforted you during adversity in order that you can comfort others.

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